Alumni Board

It has been over three-quarters of a century since, in December of 1934, the Union first convened to celebrate its foundation and take a vote of confidence in its founding officers.

The Union plans to expand the Board to more effectively reach out to our thousands of alumni. We’re looking for recent and not-so-recent alumni from all the Union’s parties who have fond memories of their time in the YPU and are interested in helping us build strong ties between current and former members alike.

Yours faithfully, The Alumni Board: Holland Sullivan ’01, President; April Lawson ’09, Vice President; Yang Li ’12, Secretary; Ferny Reyes ’10, Treasurer; David Truncellito ’92;  Joseph Charlet ’11;  William Leake ’88;  Leah Libresco ’11;  Keith Wesolowski ’00; Douglas Ayer ’59;  Brian Carney ’97;  William Crawford ’01;  Perry Dane ’78; Ned Flynn ’67; Matthew Grant ’07; David Gray ’92; Howard Horowitz ’89; Cerin Lindgrensavage ’06; Jared Lobdell ’61; Laura Marcus ’10; Alexander Martone ’10; Logan Mohs ’11; Jennifer Rost ’06; Paul Selker ’08; Meredith Startz ’07; Robert Teitelman ’81; Sandy Zhu ’12